Prevent ACL Injuries By Jumping And Landing Properly

If you have been unlucky enough to have suffered a sprain of your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), then you know how painful and debilitating this injury can be. A tear of your ACL can prevent you from fully participating in sports, and you may require surgery to help repair your ACL. After an ACL injury, […]

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The Dreaded “High Ankle Sprain”, But What’s The Difference?

Ankle sprains are the most common single type of sport related trauma among all body sites and types, and account for more than 80% of injuries. To understand the difference between a common lateral ankle sprain and a high ankle sprain, it’s important to have a brief understanding about the anatomy. Three bones in the […]

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FIFA 11+ ~ A Warm Up Proven To Reduce Injuries

Research has shown the FIFA 11+ program to be effective at preventing football injuries. The reasons for warming up before any physical activity are well known. But are our warm-ups adequately preparing us for an improved performance on the pitch while reducing our inherent risk of injury? Developed and studied by the FIFA Medical Assessment […]

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Management Of Concussion In Sport

There has been growing concern in Australia and internationally about the incidence of sport-related concussion and potential health ramifications for athletes. The issue of concussion is one that affects a wide variety of sports across all levels, from amateur games right up to elite athletes. Quite rightly it is a topic that has received greater […]

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Enjoy Your Holiday?

Jubilee’s Physiotherapists travel all over Australia and throughout the world looking after athletes and sporting teams. It is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sports physiotherapy, experience different cultures and develop friendships. So what do physiotherapists do when they are on tour? Before You Leave The amount of work performed in […]

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Diary of Patient Physio: An ACL Injury ~ Part 1

In this four part series, Physiotherapist James Pearce discloses his own feelings, concerns and fears as he undertook his own knee reconstructive surgery. As a physiotherapist who routinely consults and treats many people with ACL injuries, when I ruptured my own ACL, I decided to write this blog and give an insight into the recovery […]

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8 Simple Ways to Avoid New Year’s Resolution-Induced Injury

As the hangovers clear on yet another festive season, I thought that I would get in early and write a blog on New Year’s resolutions. Specifically, how best reduce the risk of injury upon resuming exercise after a prolonged period of time away from exercise. The reason behind this is very simple: Without fail, each […]

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Savings, Longevity and the Year in Fitness

Two numbers are, to me, particularly emblematic of what science had to tell us about fitness this year. The first is 42 percent and represents the extent by which people’s risk for premature death rises if they are out of shape, according to a study published in July. That number almost equals the risk of […]

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Kids Are More Susceptible To Brain Injury, And Concussion Has Implications Beyond What We Thought

Head knocks in childhood are by no means uncommon, yet they may have lasting negative effects. New research has found a link between concussion in childhood and adverse medical and social outcomes as an adult. Researchers from the United Kingdom, United States and Sweden looked at data from the entire Swedish population born between 1973 […]

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What Is Foam Rolling?

Used by an abundance of fitness enthusiasts and athletes, foam rolling has now become arguably the most popular form of self-manual therapy, overtaking other techniques such as: self-massage and self-trigger point therapy Although these techniques are often referred to as self-myofascial release therapy, there is currently great confusion amongst experts regarding this definition as the […]

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