Increase Range Of Motion With Twice-A-Week Stretching

  Stretching for a few minutes just a few times a week, can help decrease your risk for injury and increase your ability to move more freely. When you’re committed eating a healthy diet and getting exercise on a regular basis, the last thing you may want to do is add stretching to your weekly […]

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Four Workout Mistakes That Lead To Injury

Exercise is good for your health and has countless other benefits, but if you’re guilty of these four bad habits, you may be risking an injury. Pushing through pain The popular mantra “no pain, no gain” is misleading. Many people believe that pain during exercise is normal so they push through it thinking they’ll reach […]

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Are These 7 Exercise Myths Keeping You from Optimizing Your Health?

If you want to be optimally healthy and happy with energy and vitality to spare, exercise is essential. Most people are well aware of this, yet many still don’t make the time for it. Excuses abound; from “not having enough time,” to “if you can’t be consistent, there’s no point in even beginning.” A number […]

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Portela Aiming For Wimbledon

Tennis ace Caitlyn Portela, 12, has her sights set on playing at Wimbledon. She has won eight out of 10 junior tournaments across Australia since January and is currently ranked No. 5 in Australia and No. 2 in New South Wales for her birth year. Last weekend Portela won the Queensland Junior Championships for 12/U girls, […]

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Women in Football: Are Female Footballers More Susceptible To Injury?

Football as a sport for women is continuing to gain momentum and becoming an ever-increasing first choice of sport for young girls. In fact, FIFA reports that 12% of the footballing population is female, which equates to approximately 30 million players. Numbers grew by 50% between 2000 and 2006 alone. The first women’s World Cup […]

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The Runner’s DIY Guide To Knee Pain

By the very nature of the activity, running puts a tremendous amount of stress on the feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips and back. Consequently, aches and pains in the muscles and joints of the lower legs are not at all uncommon. One area in particular that may become a chronic problem is the knee. The […]

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How much exercise is enough?

Exercise has had a Goldilocks problem, with experts debating just how much exercise is too little, too much or just the right amount to improve health and longevity. Two new, impressively large-scale, studies provide some clarity, suggesting that the ideal dose of exercise for a long life is a bit more than many of us […]

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How Exercise Keeps Us Young

Active older people resemble much younger people physiologically, according to a new study of the effects of exercise on aging. The findings suggest that many of our expectations about the inevitability of physical decline with advancing years may be incorrect and that how we age is, to a large degree, up to us. Aging remains […]

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The One-Minute Workout ~ High Intensity Interval Training Hits All New Low

From Tabata’s four-minute routine to the seven-minute workout, recent research has taught us that short, sharp bursts of exercise can be incredibly effective. But, one minute? National guidelines recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day, but a small, new study, published in the journal Plos One has found that just one minute […]

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Stand Up For Fitness ~ Is Paddle Boarding A Good Workout?

Stand-up paddle boarding is considered the fastest growing water sport in the world. And for good reason; it’s a great workout, relaxing and fun. Stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding is becoming more popular each year. Hawaiians have been using it for years as a means to keep fit when the waves are not adequate for surfing. […]

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