Dealing With and Preventing Injuries

Dry Needling: A Finer Point To Pain Management

Dry needling is an effective technique for the treatment of muscular pain by relaxing overactive muscles. What is Dry Needling? The practice of ‘dry needling’ involves inserting an acupuncture needle into a trigger point and is typically used to treat the pain associated with injuries or muscular pain. A trigger point is a tender spot […]

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4 Things You Need to Know About Knee Pain

Does being overweight effect my knee pain? Studies have shown that being a few kilograms overweight can put you at significantly more risk of developing knee pain. The second most important thing behind losing weight is strengthening the muscles around the knee.  The stronger the muscles are around the knee the more efficient distribution of […]

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What Is A Biomechnical Injury?

At Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy, we see a lot of injuries caused by biomechanical errors and imbalances in the body. A biomechanical injury is caused by the overuse or incorrect use of a joint or muscle. This type of injury generally occurs when the joint or muscle has been overstressed in the wrong way repetitively over […]

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Common Football Injuries

Having more knowledge of common football injuries is an important first step in preventing them. Football is the world’s most popular sport. There are over 240 million registered players worldwide, some 18,000 in our local association alone, and many more recreational football players. In a sport that can be contested so vigorously inherent risk of […]

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Summer Exercise: Dealing With Heat Associated Illness

Whether you play any sports or just enjoy regular exercise outdoors there is a risk of sustaining a heat associated illness when temperature and humidity are high. As we head into the warmer months of the year, we felt it worth reviewing the different types, symptoms and management of heat associated illness. Heat illness covers […]

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Understanding Neck Related Or Cervicogenic Headaches

Headaches are a common and everyday complaint that people of all age groups suffer from with an estimated 50% of the world’s entire population having experienced some form of headache within the last year. There are many forms of headache, including neck related headache. We discuss the cause, symptoms and management of cervicogenic headache. Understanding […]

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Dealing With A Meniscal Injury Of The Knee

A meniscus tear is a common knee injury that can prevent normal knee function. The meniscus is a rubbery, C-shaped disc that cushions your knee and keeps your knee steady by balancing your weight across the knee. Tears can lead to pain and/or swelling of the knee joint. Especially acute injuries (typically in younger, more […]

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Dealing With Footballers’ Ankle

What is Footballers’ Ankle? Footballers’ ankle (anterior ankle impingement syndrome) is a condition characterised by pain on the anterior or front part of the ankle. It is believed to be due to the constant trauma to the connective tissue on the front of the ankle joint mainly caused by kicking, and more specifically because of […]

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Avoid Being Bowled Over: Prevention Of Five Common Cricket Injuries

Cricket is one of Australia’s most popular summer sports. Although strictly a non-contact sport, injuries in cricket can result in a number of ways. The best cricket injury research has come from Australia under the direction of Dr John Orchard. Cricket Injuries at elite level In Australia have been demonstrated to occur at a rate […]

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Keep Your Wheels Spinning: Tips For Avoiding Cycling Injuries

Pedalling is a low-impact activity that improves muscle tone without stressing your knee and ankle joints. Cycling is particularly good for cardiovascular fitness, which means reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Nevertheless, injuries can occur, both as a direct result of cycling and in accidents. Incorrect riding posture and demanding too much of your […]

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