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CrossFit Beginners: Choose Wisely!

With increasing popularity of the CrossFit training program, we have been seeing some happy customers as well as the other side of the spectrum: very bad injuries. It seems like the level of happiness depends largely on the credibility of the program. A little bit of background information: CrossFit training was developed initially as the […]

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CrossFit May Be Killing You

Take stock of the sweeping reign of CrossFit and you realise it’s pretty comprehensively taken over the world of fitness. Heavily pregnant women love CrossFit. Children as young as three are into it. It’s sidled up to a winning diet that people swear by. And it dubs its heroes the fittest people on Earth. But […]

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Intense, Specialised Training In Young Athletes Linked to Serious Overuse Injuries

Children these days spend significantly more time in organised sports than in free play. Young athletes who specialize in one sport and train intensively have a significantly higher risk of stress fractures and other severe overuse injuries, even when compared with other injured athletes, according to the largest clinical study of its kind. For example, […]

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Top 10 Fat Fighting Foods

SOME foods actually stop the build-up of fat and speed up the metabolism. When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be demoralising to constantly be reminded of all the foods you should not be eating. But some foods are ideal for weight control. Dubbed “fast foods” or “edible amphetamines”, some foods help speed up […]

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Fitness Report: The Exercise Myths That Hold Us Back

If your workout isn’t working, it’s time to reboot your mindset. MYTH: ‘If I exercise, I can eat what I want’. TRUTH: Weight loss is 80 per cent diet, 20 per cent exercise. ‘The reality is that you can’t out-train a bad diet,’ says celebrity trainer Dalton Wong, founder of Twenty Two Training, who has […]

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Three Common Running Overuse Injuries: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Running is great exercise, but it is also notorious for leading to overuse injuries that can derail even the most elite runner’s training plans. If you were to ask a runner why he or she loves running so much, you would get a multitude of answers ranging from stress relief to weight loss to maintaining […]

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Why Children Need An Hour Of Exercise Every Day

Under 10s need to keep active to make sure their hearts stay healthy Children who get less than an hour’s exercise a day could be heading for heart disease in the future. A study shows those under the age of ten need at least that much exercise every day to keep hearts healthy. Even very […]

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Sitting Is The New Smoking

Don’t fall off your perch, but sitting is the new smoking and your chair is out to kill you. No, really. This is the sorry state of affairs thanks to our increasingly seated existence, said doctors in an LA Times feature published earlier this week. As evidence, the doctors pointed out various studies, including this Australian […]

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Top 10 Health And Fitness Myths Exposed

Find out what the most commonly believed health and fitness myths are, and how they’ve been holding you back. The intention of working out is pretty obvious. Whether male or female, the goal of hitting the gym or doing a workout routine is to get fit, stay in shape, and work towards a better you. […]

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Sutherland Sharks’ Quiet Achiever

As we celebrate the Socceroo’s qualification for Brazil, spare a thought for the hundreds of elite players who week in week out display their wares to the football public but rarely receive the accolades they deserve. One such performer is Sutherland’s defensive midfielder and captain Nick Stavroulakis, who has given valiant service to the mighty […]

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