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Why Children Need An Hour Of Exercise Every Day

Under 10s need to keep active to make sure their hearts stay healthy Children who get less than an hour’s exercise a day could be heading for heart disease in the future. A study shows those under the age of ten need at least that much exercise every day to keep hearts healthy. Even very […]

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Sitting Is The New Smoking

Don’t fall off your perch, but sitting is the new smoking and your chair is out to kill you. No, really. This is the sorry state of affairs thanks to our increasingly seated existence, said doctors in an LA Times feature published earlier this week. As evidence, the doctors pointed out various studies, including this Australian […]

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Top 10 Health And Fitness Myths Exposed

Find out what the most commonly believed health and fitness myths are, and how they’ve been holding you back. The intention of working out is pretty obvious. Whether male or female, the goal of hitting the gym or doing a workout routine is to get fit, stay in shape, and work towards a better you. […]

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Sutherland Sharks’ Quiet Achiever

As we celebrate the Socceroo’s qualification for Brazil, spare a thought for the hundreds of elite players who week in week out display their wares to the football public but rarely receive the accolades they deserve. One such performer is Sutherland’s defensive midfielder and captain Nick Stavroulakis, who has given valiant service to the mighty […]

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Want To Recover Faster From Running? Start Swimming

Your next workout may do more to help you bounce back than compression socks, ice baths, etc. Triathletes do all kinds of things to accelerate muscle recovery after hard runs. They stretch, take ice baths, wear compression socks, get massages, strap on Normatec boots, drink recovery shakes, and so forth. But a study published in the International […]

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5 Exercise Myths That Hold You Back From Being Your Best

There are plenty of exercise misconceptions out in the world, some of which may be holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. Do the following 5 exercise myths sound familiar? This is exactly what you need to hear. 1) Exercise on an empty stomach burns more fat. This theory says that if there’s no […]

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Exercises For Women: The Best Workouts For Your Specific Health Goals

These five fitness routines get results: choose the one that’s right for you. Exercise with this in mind: Research reveals that when it comes to reaching a specific goal, the kind of workout you do may matter as much as how many hours you clock at the gym. Your goal: Get a killer body. The […]

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Panny Nikas: Scoring And Setting Goals

Sutherland Sharks midfielder Panny Nikas is a rare breed and a valuable commodity. A dynamic goal scorer from deeper positions, Nikas’s partnership with Nick Stavroulakis in the centre of Sutherland’s midfielder has been the fulcrum on which the Shire side has built it’s success. Robbie Stanton’s side are currently sitting in the top three and […]

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Jogging: A Road To Good Health

Want to live longer, look younger and reduce the risk of serious illness? Grab those running shoes and you’ll find life’s better in the long run, writes Charmaine Yabsley. There’s no denying that jogging is good for you. A study from Stanford University School of Medicine tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years. […]

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Is Half Hour Of Daily Exercise Enough?

IS 60 minutes how much exercise we should be doing a day, despite national guidelines of 30 minutes? Stepping up your exercise – even in small ways – is the best way to ensure optimal health and well-being. Half an hour of activity a day may be good for general health but it’s half as […]

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