Athletic Screening and Performance Enhancement

Athletic Screening and Performance Enhancement

fitness testing young socceroosPhysical screenings are used to identify the current musculoskeletal condition of an athlete. They allow factors predisposing an athlete to injury or a performance hindrance to be highlighted and corrected. Screening can also involve the use of sport specific fitness testing to ascertain the athletes’ preparation for their sport. Data obtained from a physical assessment allows accurate exercise prescription to reduce an athlete’s risk of injury and enhance sporting performance.

All athletes, amateur or professional face the increased risk of injury especially as they age. Even a basic screening from one of our physiotherapists on posture, body alignment and muscle tightness/ weakness can be of great benefit to the recreational player who does not consider themselves to be an ‘athlete’.

Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy has been involved in the screening process for NSWIS, Sutherland Sharks FC and Sutherland Basketball for a number of years. We have expanded this knowledge to other sports such as football, swimming, athletics, golf and gymnastics. These screening protocols are a necessity for any athlete serious about maximising performance and reducing the incidence of injury.

Regardless of your sport we will provide you with sport-specific assessments geared specifically for you and your sport. Our screenings are conducted by physiotherapists with athletic training backgrounds and include:

  • Biomechanical evaluation
  • Evaluation of old and current injuries
  • Exercise program tailored to you and your sporting needs
  • Relevant preventative exercises and instruction

Your personal screening will help you understand your strengths, imbalances and weaknesses. It will provide the basis for a custom exercise program that we will help you create to help you achieve your athletic goals.

Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy offers athletic screening and assessment to individuals or teams. These screenings can be performed during the regular season, but they are especially valuable to identify injury risk factors specific to you and your sport before your competition begins. We teach you specific techniques, exercises and strategies to correct anatomical imbalances before they lead to problems in your chosen sport so that you can perform at your personal peak level.

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