Workplace Injury Management and Rehabilitation

Workplace Injury Management and Rehabilitation

One of the most common questions that we get asked at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy is:

“How are professional sports people able to get back to play so quickly?”

The answer is:

  • They report and start managing their injury straight away
  • They have access to physiotherapists with a high level of skill and vast experience in managing soft tissue injuries
  • They are diligent with their rehabilitation
  • They seek active rehabilitation, meaning, they perform alternate forms of training to maintain their skills and fitness levels.

Every patient at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy is given the opportunity to be treated like a professional sports person. We specialise in biomechanical analysis and provide hands-on individually tailored treatments with an exercise-based rehabilitation regime.

The physiotherapists at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy are highly skilled clinicians with vast experience in working with professional athletes.

So whether you are a World Champion or a “weekend warrior”, you are in the best hands at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy.

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