Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy are specialists at providing fast, effective and hands-on management of all aches, pains and injuries in a highly professional environment


At Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy we provide the following services:

Almost everybody that plays sport from a highly competitive athlete to a social weekend player at some stage or another suffers from an injury. Apart from the pain and potential disability associated with an injury there is the added frustration of missing out on your game or event.

The physiotherapists at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy are trained to assess, diagnose and treat any musculoskeletal injury or pain complaint you may experience. 

After your surgery it is important to begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible to ensure that the procedure is successful and your recovery is optimised. Following any operation you are left with general muscle weakness, swelling, scar tissue and adhesions and a reduced range of motion. 

We pride ourselves on adopting a person centred approach to our care, which puts the person with the disability first, placing them at the centre of decision making, across planning and service arrangements. Treatment provided to each person is based on their own wishes, interests, talents, goals and needs, to get more out of life.

At Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy we have a proven track record in the provision of workplace injury management and rehabilitation. Our specialty occupational physiotherapy services can improve your productivity, reduce waiting times for treatments, eliminate time away from work and provide a faster return to work.

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Established in 1995 the practitioners at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy have developed a reputation as leaders in all aspects of injury management and rehabilitation.

We specialise in biomechanical analysis and provide hands-on individually tailored treatments with an exercise-based rehabilitation regime.

We have a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and practice the most current and proven treatments available. Having worked with athletes from numerous sports at all levels of ability from World Champions to “weekend warriors” and workers from a wide variety of industries and occupations every Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy client will receive the highest standard of car

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Our Team

Kieran Rooney

Principal Physiotherapist

Kieran Rooney is the founding principal of Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy and has over 25 years of musculoskeletal and sports related physiotherapy experience.

Michael Gabriel

Principal Physiotherapist

Michael Gabriel graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2000 and was awarded First Class Honours and the University Medal. Michael’s research on stretching featured in the British Medical Journal and the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy.

James Pearce


James Pearce graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2008.

James joined Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy on completion of his First Year Graduate program at St George Hospital, which encompassed all areas of physiotherapy including orthopaedics, musculoskeletal outpatients and hydrotherapy.

Jason Skyllas


Jason Skyllas graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2012. In 2015 he completed postgraduate studies at Macquarie University and was awarded a Doctor of Physiotherapy.

Stefani Joannidis


Stefani Joannidis graduated from University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2014. In 2016, she completed postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney and was awarded a Masters of Physiotherapy.

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