We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to be treated like a professional athlete to move better, be stronger and outperform the competition

We are proud to announce our Jubilee Sports Performance Program, which offers you or your child the chance to understand and develop their body to suit the needs of their sport and increase their performance, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

Athletic Performance Testing

If you are serious about maximising your performance, we first need to understand how you move and any weakness that may reduce your chance to succeed or increase your risk of injury. Athlete Performance Testing is an integral component of this and gives us the opportunity to strengthen any chinks in your armour to ensure you are reaching your potential.

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Group Gym Classes

Group gym classes focus on key movement patterns that are proven for long term athletic development, under the supervision of experts. This will range from low load exercises for youth athletes so they can achieve results safely, to progressive resistant exercises as the individual become more proficient. Our group environment is also great for comradery and harnessing the competitive nature of athletes.

Reduce Injury Risk

Youth athletes are active and always on the move and keen to train, which can sometimes result in injury. Through this program, athletes will be educated on the importance of recovery, management of their weekly training schedule, while also minimising their risk of injury through developing their strength, control, and coordination in our gym classes.

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Reduce Injury Risk


Jubilee Sports Performance
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