Occupational Physiotherapy Services

At Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy we have a proven track record in the provision of workplace injury management and rehabilitation. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of Occupational Physiotherapy services including:

By applying the sports physiotherapy model to workplace injury we have proven that we are able to achieve a faster return to pre-injury duties, and a reduction in lost time injuries.

Industry specific pre-employment musculoskeletal assessments to reduce the risk of injury to prospective employees, to reduce claims exposure and lower insurance premiums.

Comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment that is both industry and job/task specific. Designed to assess the physical capacity and capabilities of injured workers who are planning a return to work. This assessment makes a determination on physical readiness, provides and gives reccomendations for the improvement of physical capacity and injury prevention.

Job and industry specific progressive exercise based rehabilitation programs to physically and psychologically recondition the injured worker to facilitate return to pre-injury duties. The program is designed for those who are currently unfit for work, working at a reduced capacity or are planning an imminent return to work. Supervised exercise takes place in a gym setting. Our program aims is to create an environment in which the injured worker is able to improve their confidence and physical capacity to achieve a return to full pre-injury duties.

Onsite physiotherapy services can be provided to meet the needs of a business and it’s employees.  We provided industry specific tailored services to reduce the cost of workplace injury.

The benefits of onsite physiotherapy include:

  • Early detection and management of injuries
  • Reduction in Lost Time Injuries
  • Reduction in Workcover claims
  • Ongoing management and monitoring of injuries.
  • Access to our extensive injury management database and the establishment of a database for your business to develop and implement injury prevention strategies.

We currently provide on-site physiotherapy services to some of Australia’s largest the coal miners and have an established record of reducing Lost Time Injuries and reducing the financial burden of workplace injury.

We understand that you can’t afford to have your most valuable assets, your workers unavailable. That’s why at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy we offer an Acute/Urgent care service and will endeavor to see such injuries on the same day and always within 24 hours.

With 5 highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists our practice has the capacity and ability to assess, diagnose and treat most musculoskeletal injuries quickly and effectively.

Where necessary, we have the ability to refer for x-ray investigations and MRI.

We are able to apply Waterproof casting and stock a full range of Aircast boots and orthopaedic braces for comprehensive and immediate acute injury management.

Manual handling injuries affect a very large percentage of the population resulting in significant lost time injuries and insurance claims every year.

Many of these injuries occur due to poor manual handling techniques.

We offer a range of industry specific educational programs designed to prevent manual handling injuries.  The programs can be tailored to best suit your business, your industry and your employees.

Each of our programs includes information on:

  • What is manual handling?
  • What are the consequences of inappropriate manual handling?
  • Basic anatomy and spinal biomechanics
  • Common injuries and their causes
  • What to watch out for and risk assessment
  • Management of injuries: when to report an ache/pain
  • What is safe manual handling?
  • Injury prevention and promoting wellness

The programs are designed to be interactive and are best conducted in small groups of 12-15.  Participants are provided with a manual handling package which includes a home exercise program designed at minimizing the risk of back injury in the workplace.

If you don’t find the information that you require above or on our website please do not hesitate in contacting us directly on 9540 9400 (Caringbah Practice) or 9528 2200 (Kareela Practice). Alternatively you can email us on office@jubileesportsphysio.com.au

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Please provide your contact details and one of our experienced physiotherapists will give you a free, no obligation call to assist you with your query.