DNA Testing Helping Injury Prevention

Barcelona’s medical services, led by Ricard Pruna, have taken an important step forward in the prevention of injuries.

The constant investigation and studies of different methods have allowed Barça’s medics to be pioneers in sports medicine and to always lead the way for their colleagues at other clubs.

The latest advance is to look at players’ genetic informaion. According to information written by the journalist Alex Miller in the ‘Daily Mail’, FC Barcelona have resorted to investigating their players’ gentics for a few months now in a bid to avoid injuries. It’s in addition the GPS vests which are already in use and the anti-fatigue machine, too. Barça’s medical team are using DNA to help with injury prevention.

It’s done through gathering saliva samples – they already have 45 different samples. With the DNA from the saliva, the doctors can solve muscle problems and work on individual programs for each player to follow. It allows them to know if a player is more predisposed to one type of muscle injury or to another.

Talking about this information, Matilde Lundblad, who is working with Pruna on a research project, said: “It is very sci-fi. Doctor Ricard and I are looking at the genes in saliva and finding ways to individualise fitness programmes.”

Originally posted sport-english.com                                                                                                              March 1st, 2016

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