Maximise The Results From Your Exercising

Regular exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy and is important if you want to lose weight. But what should be included in a successful exercise program?

The physical and mental benefits of regular exercise have been well documented:

  • Improved heart and lung function
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Increased aerobic enduranceImproved co-ordination
  • Decreased risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease/stroke
  • Better sleep
  • Improved general psychological well being

But where should we start when putting together our own successful and sustainable exercise program?

Here are our exercising tips to maximise your results, avoid injury and stay motivated this New Year.

Assess your fitness level and set a fitness goal

Let’s face it not all of us are ironmen. Whether you want to complete a marathon or lose weight, it is important to know what your current level of fitness is so that you can design a program and set goals that will be challenging enough without being too difficult to achieve or harmful to your health.

Assessing you current fitness level will also help you to monitor your progress and see results. This could include:

  • Timing how long it takes to walk/run a certain distance.
  • How may push-ups or sit-ups you can do in a minute.
  • Waist circumference.
  • BMI – weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in metres (kg/m2) – BMI calculator.

Goal setting is crucial and should be time based, examples include:

  • Losing 5kg in 5 weeks.
  • Being able to run 5k non-stop in 6 weeks etc.

Research indicates that people who set goals are more likely to succeed with an exercise program than those who do not.

Design an exercise program

Having a plan or schedule on paper increases your chances of reaching your fitness goals. A few things to consider before you design your exercise program:

  • What exercise do you like/dislike?
  • What equipment/ facilities do you have access to?
  • When are you able to exercise, so that it will fit into your daily routine?
  • How much time each week are you really able to dedicate to your new exercise routine?
  • Do you have any injuries that could be made worse with exercise? If so you may need to contact one of our physiotherapists before you begin your program.

Start slowly and include variety

If you are new to exercise or starting again after a break it is important to start slowly and progress. If you make your exercise program too difficult to begin with you are likely to lose motivation because it will be too hard, or you may be setting yourself up for injury.

It has been well documented that progressively increased training load is associated with a significantly reduced risk of injury. So remember it is not how much training load you apply, it is how fast you get there.

Make sure to include both cardiovascular exercises like running/swimming/cycling and strength exercises like push-ups/sit-ups/squats.

Variety is key – it will keep your new routine from getting boring and will help to reduce overuse injuries.

 Allow time for recovery and don’t ignore ‘niggles’

Pace yourself – Most people who start a new exercise program do so at a frenzied pace, working out too long or at a very high intensity and give up when their muscles and joints get sore.

Allow time for rest and recovery – Your muscles and joints need time in between sessions to repair.

Don’t ignore little niggles or pain – This might be the first signs of an injury or an indication that you are doing too much and need more time for recovery between sessions. If you have pain that persists more than a few days, or is severe make sure you see one of our physiotherapists.

Monitor your progress

Reassess you fitness levels every 6-8 weeks – Hopefully you will see improvement from the first time you tested yourself, and this will allow you to make your program more difficult to ensure you keep progressing and reach your goals.

Example program:








Week 1 Cardio Circuit Rest Cardio Circuit Cardio Rest
  • Cardio – The time and intensity spent running/walking, cycling or swimming will depend on your starting level of fitness. Aim for between 40-60 minutes at a moderate intensity.
  • Circuit – A strength circuit may include 6-8 exercises repeated 4-5 times so that the overall duration is 40-60 minutes. For example; Push-ups, star jumps, squats, sit-ups, dips, burpees, lunges and running on the spot. All repeated 5 times with 1 minute rest between each time.
  • Rest –  Consider some light stretching or using your foam roller to loosen your body up from previous workouts.

For more information refer to or contact one of the Physiotherapists at Jubilee to discuss an exercise program that is right for you. Contact Jubilee on (02) 9540 9400.

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Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
10:55 03 Apr 24
best in the business the team here are the very best at their jobs
16:52 05 Mar 24
I came to Jubilee Sports Physio for help on how to exersise and get fit without injuring myself constantly.During my initial consultation Michael said, I was standing wrong, sitting wrong and exersises I did were not suitable for my body.After four sessions, 15 minutes of daily exercises in between and I can go on hikes, lift weights and feel many years younger.I now have the life I want and very grateful to Jubilee Sports Physio, for their professionalism from booking, greeting and being able to do all I want physically.I highly recommend Jubilee Sports
Lara Mangelli
Lara Mangelli
08:56 18 Dec 23
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional care provided by Michael and James for attending to my son, both before and after his shoulder reconstruction. Michael and James' combination of kindness and professionalism played an important role in helping my son navigate through what was his first significant life challenge.They both demonstrated an unwavering commitment to my son's well-being, providing not only expert physiotherapy but also a level of compassionate support that went above and beyond.Thank you Jubilee team for your outstanding commitment to patient care. It's reassuring to know that professionals like Michael and James are dedicated to not just addressing physical challenges but also fostering a supportive and empathetic environment for individuals facing health setbacks. The receptions ladies were kind and helpful too.
Judith Gifford
Judith Gifford
06:00 18 Dec 23
Over a period of 4 years my husband and I have had the expertise and professionalism of Michael Gabriel and staff at Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy Each of our ageing conditions required commitment to exercises to improve. When the conditions were clearly explained we gained confidence and understanding of realistic outcomes. We feel very fortunate for all of our treatments..and highly recommend Michael and staff.
Georgia Manos
Georgia Manos
12:08 13 Dec 23
The whole Jubilee team is fantastic. They are professional, knowledgeable and have always gotten me back playing football as quick as possible!
Jordan Figon
Jordan Figon
06:36 13 Dec 23
The team at Jubilee have been looking after me for over 15 years. Specially Michael with the help of Kieran. They have rehabbed me through 4 major surgeries as well as long standing injuries. It is because of these guys, I am able to still be involved in the game I love, stretching my career out as long as possible. In addition, my whole family is part of the Jubilee family
David Washington
David Washington
05:02 13 Dec 23
I have relied on Michael Gabriel for my physiotherapy needs for a number of years now. His professional work has allowed me to continue to chase the love I have for outdoors recreation.
Luke Payne
Luke Payne
22:05 12 Dec 23
Michael and his team are the best. So professional and knowledgeable and have kept me moving for years.
Diane sutton
Diane sutton
21:58 12 Dec 23
I have been a patient of Jubilee Sports Physio for many years, being treated for various injuries & chronic conditions. Michael’s diagnostic skills are excellent. I can highly recommend this practice for their care, proficiency & friendliness.
Nicole Simpson
Nicole Simpson
10:53 12 Dec 23
Micheal has helped over the years to heal and help with my injuries.. The entire team gives a five star help. I can’t praise them enough…Thank you so much
Judy Andrews
Judy Andrews
10:26 12 Dec 23
Michael has treated me on a number of occasions. He is very professional and very easy to talk to. He obviously knows his stuff and never fails to set you on the right path with his treatments
09:28 12 Dec 23
"I have been going to Jubilee Physiotherapy for many years.Very professional from the receptionists to the principal Physioswith lots of experience and straight to the point thatsave time and money"
Corinne Favaloro
Corinne Favaloro
04:09 02 Nov 23
I have been attending Jubilee physio, on and off, for many years.In fact three generations of my family are presently receiving treatment there. I have had several of the physiotherapist at Jubilee work on different problems and have found them all to be professional, knowledgeable and very caring in their treatment.
Nicole Di noia
Nicole Di noia
22:19 01 Nov 23
Thorough, professional and passionate team of physiotherapists.
Steve Chidgey
Steve Chidgey
02:04 04 Jul 23
The the treatment I received for injury was first class. Caring, knowledgeable and highly professional. The electronic home exercising provided to me showed me the required exercises so I was not let to a piece of papers directing me. Loved the app. This physio is the best I have used. Highly recommended.
Margaret Peace
Margaret Peace
01:29 01 Jul 23
I have attended Jubilee Physiotherapy for many years and have always had a positive experience. The staff are professional and knowledgeable. I always feel comfortable and safe in their care.My therapist, Samuel Leslie, knew exactly how to treat my new neck issue. As a result, I have made a very good recovery.
Angelina Mastoris
Angelina Mastoris
23:09 01 Mar 23
The guys at Jubilee are amazing! Been going for a couple years and each time I’ve had a great experience. Massive shout out and thanks to our team Physio Sam for helping me with my rehab and recovery. He’s helped improve my overall game and has made me stronger than before. He’s a legend. Would highly recommend, overall fantastic experience!
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Hi, would you like to chat with one of our physios?

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