Before You Join A Gym ~ What To Think About

Joining a gym can be a big decision. But tips from our local Personal Trainer Shari Bremner, will help you make the right choice.

Depending on your current fitness level and sporting history choosing a gym can be daunting and one of those things on your list that you just keep putting off. You would really love to lose some weight and would like to improve your level of fitness… but which is the best gym for you?

The tips below will help you decide which gym is the right one for you:

Where is the gym? If it’s not easy to get to you won’t go!

  • •  Don’t add, “It’s too far out the way” or “the traffic was bad so I went straight home” to the list of excuses. The list is already long enough
  • •  Between work and home is good and never more than 20 – 30 minutes from home sweet home.

What is your goal? Fitness, weight loss, toning, muscle gain?

  • •  Do you need guidance? Like a few free PT sessions with a program and a food plan?
  • •  Do you need regular personal training? Weekly accountability and support to stay on track until you reach your goal and beyond?

 What makes you go to the gym more often?

  • •  Training with friendly faces?
  • •  Accountability of booking a class?
  • •  Meeting your trainer each week?

Do you like a gym where no one talks to you and you just go in and do your own thing or do you prefer a place with friendly staff that knows your name?

  • •  Always always always go visit the gym to meet the PEOPLE! Feel the energy of the place. All gyms have classes, weights equipment but it’s the PEOPLE that work there and are members there that make it an enjoyable place to go every day!
  • •  At the same time you may be one of the few people who truly want to be left alone, walk in, do your workout and walk out. You are confident and know your stuff, and do not need any guidance or chit chat and would just like a great place to train.

How confident are you to do weights training on your own?

  • •  Choose a gym that has weights classes or get yourself a personal trainer for 6-weeks
  • •  Weights are absolutely vital part of any weight loss training plan. Joining a gym to “walk” on a treadmill or only use cardio equipment will end in disappointment boredom and slow or no weight loss results.

How many of your friends go to the same gym?

  • •  The more of your CLOSE family, friends and/or work colleagues that go to the same gym as you the more often you will attend. They are like free personal trainers. They call you up and say “hey lets got to the gym tonight” and put that friendly pressure on you when you don’t show up!
  • •  You are less likely to let a friend down than just letting yourself down for not going to the gym. You must get yourself some form of accountability! Meet with a friend. Book a class. Book weekly personal training sessions.

To arrange personal training with Shari Bremner from Tribe Social Fitness or to discuss a local gym membership contact

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